It’s no longer about what you make, but the stories you tell.

Strategic storytelling has never been more important. In a world where we are constantly inundated with content from all angles, it pays to go deep. Consumers are increasingly concerned with brands that believe in what they believe in, stand for what they stand for and whose mission is driven with the intention to make the world better.

Storytelling is the most effective way to share ideas to the world.

Good stories contain the common thread of our human experience. They help us teach, persuade and understand ourselves and the world around us. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to crafting them. Because we believe the world deserves to be more connected, and we want to be the ones building the bridges.


Why it Media collective?

it Media Collective was created to bridge the best creative professionals in Atlanta to the brands we serve. Where most saw competition, we saw an opportunity to bring together a collective of creatives to help brands expose their “it”. Our team of strategists, filmmakers and marketers are the perfect blend of crazy to offer our “it”, strategic storytelling.


Content creation is all about informing and entertaining. So whether your goal is to build brand awareness, promote your new product/service, or communicate your brand’s values, we’ll  design, strategize and develop the creative necessary to communicate that information effectively.


Incredible cinematography isn’t doing much if it doesn’t move the needle. We’re here to do both. Whether that means driving traffic to your website, increasing engagement on socials or persuading viewers to purchase, we can guide you through a proven process that does it all.


There’s a reason video is the most effective form of communication: emotion. Great stories build relationships, make people care, and allow audiences the opportunity to experience your brand. We’ll work together to spark one of the important attributes we could possibly share: connection.